In 2020, our businesses and the market itself underwent profound changes at various levels, with some businesses being forced to reinvent themselves.

One of these examples is the EUREKA School Center, in Portimão, which its responsible Teresa Chinopa due to the confinement saw the doors close and school being transferred an online environment!

Children and adolescents still needed monitoring, that is, the market continued to exist, however, there was a need to adapt the business.

Therefore, CAE Eureka changed teaching to online, but Teresa, not entirely satisfied, wanted to go further. Realizing the potential for this segment, she prepared the center so that the provision of services could be all online. Having after covid-19, Eureka will be prepared for both environments, online and presential.

Teresa now had another problem, implementing her idea and that's when she contacted the Amarca. The idea was simple, but complex to implement. Create a system that would allow students to enroll online, without traveling to the center, plus the programming of an application that would allow the management of the center, students, teachers and schedule definition, but at the same time be a communication platform between students / guardians of students, centralizing the communication routes in only one place.

We were excited to help and started this project. The website was the first step, based on design using cheerful colors that stimulate creativity, such as yellow; photos of children and pre-teenagers in school, communicating happiness in a learning environment. Because truth be told learning is really cool, isn't it ?!

With a custom and responsive design, adapting for desktop, smartphones and tablets. Was also included a registration form on a website page, to avoid unnecessary trips to the center. The final result can be seen at

With the first challenge overcome, we started to idealize the application and for that we called the RAM team to help and guide us. The decision fell on a WebApp, as it serves the customer's needs and is less expensive because there is no need to be hosted on Apple's google play or app store. In this application, it is possible to manage, students, teachers, schedules, which are available at your fingertips.

 In addition to generating a new business opportunity, which could give explanations for the whole country, Teresa took advantage and increased the levels of internal organization. And we are pleased to be able to help CAE Eureka reinvent its business at such complex times.

 We know how demanding this period was for most companies, and we would like to know your history of understanding how they reinvented themselves? And how digital advancement has changed your lives and your businesses. Leave us a comment below.

Thank you & see you soon

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