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26 de April, 2021 / Publicado por: Patrícia CardosoSem comentários

The project "Communication Plan for the Inframoura Water Campaign" was conceived jointly by the Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura and Inframoura. Two entities, known for combining forces to increase the levels of environmental awareness of the population in general.

In the first phase, the CIV promoted awareness-raising actions among students, dismantling myths and preconceived ideas about the consumption of tap water, as well as its proper use, educating and raising awareness among the school community for one of the biggest environmental problems: the scarcity of water resources. Expressing what they’ve learned, some classes developed comic strips on the subject.

In a second phase, in collaboration with Inframoura, these stories were reproduced and distributed to approximately 13.000 local consumers, during one year.

Amarca's role in this project was to make this communication possible through:

  • Designing the campaign's image;
  • Creating the slogan "Be smart, saving water isn’t hard";
  • Vectorizing and adaptation of the students' drawings to reach the consumers more appealingly and legibly.

We thank Inframoura and CIV for the opportunity to participate in this project, also taking the opportunity to praise the effort of these two entities, which make a difference in educating and raising awareness of children and adults for environmental issues and thus help create a more conscious community in general.

We believe that projects like this help create better adults for tomorrow. And our reader today, do you have any ideas to contribute to that better growing up?

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