26 de April, 2021
Raising Awareness

The project "Communication Plan for the Inframoura Water Campaign" was conceived jointly by the Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura and Inframoura. Two entities, known for combining forces to increase the levels of environmental awareness of the population in general. In the first phase, the CIV promoted awareness-raising actions among students, dismantling myths and preconceived ideas about […]

1 de March, 2021
New ways of doing business

In 2020, our businesses and the market itself underwent profound changes at various levels, with some businesses being forced to reinvent themselves. One of these examples is the EUREKA School Center, in Portimão, which its responsible Teresa Chinopa due to the confinement saw the doors close and school being transferred an online environment! Children and […]

22 de February, 2021
The dream. Amarca

Amarca (WeLoveBrands) is the dream of two women, Patrícia Cardoso and Teresa Coelho. We are passionate about communication and wish to help the world to communicate better trough Design carefully thought down to the smallest detail. But for this dream to come true, we both made our ways until we met. I’m Patrícia and graduated […]


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